Friday, December 11, 2009

Yummy Life

I haven't blogged in ages but here's an update on my raw and healthy life. In early July I started collecting my drinking water from a natural spring, well its called a well, St Johns Well. It's shaped like a bee-hive with a tiny opening, there's a pool of water inside but I get my water as it curiously trickles down from the walls inside or pours down from them depending on the recent rainfall. It tastes crisp and is refreshing and is quite cold, which is something one should look for when collecting spring water, the colder it is the less chance of harmful bacteria being present in it. Good drinking water is essential for great health and our bodies are mostly made from water so it makes sense to hydrate your blood and organs with natural water.

I first tried a Durian fruit during the summer too, I loved it despite its shape and funky smell. Tho I didn't enjoy them as much when I ate them again in the autumn.
I blended up a segment of durian with blueberries and almond milk, it was so nice...

I find that eating out is becoming easier for my healthy appitite, maybe its my increased intuition since going raw that is leading me to the best restaurants around or else the world is becoming more open to healthy eating, I think its a mixture :)