Friday, August 27, 2010

Raw Food Course

We had another installment of the raw food course today in Portlaoise. It was quiet today, many ppl weren't there, just 9 of us came. We all prepared a dish, I made a lasanga with nut-meat, seed-cheese & corgette as the pasta, it was delisous. And we gave a presentation about where we intend to go with our knowlegde as raw food teachers, I enjoyed the experience of talking in front of the class, I told them how I intend to give demo's in schools and teach kids of the benefits of raw/health foods. I am also going to hold raw party-nights at people's homes, they will start with food/juice /raw chocolate demos & continue with pampering with products from Butterfly Botanics my raw skin-care range.

The food today tasted very good, I was really impressed with a carageen cake made with carageen moss, coconut milk, lecithn, honey & lemon zest, it had a melt-in-the-mouth consistency and made with super ingredients.
Also very tasty was a thai coconut soup, which also has coconut milk in it, I'll post the recipes on a future post when I make them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Retreat = Real-treat pt 2

Mean & Green

Mixed Mix



Green Goodness

Rainbow Raw Foods

Wheatgrass Mess

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Retreat = Real-treat

I'm at retreat at the moment in Townley House in Louth, near Drogheda. It's a mansion where up to 50 people including staff are staying. It's a week of healing with raw and living food and juices, massage therapies including massage and reflexology, activities such as rebounding and training with a personal trainer and there's group healings.

The food is beautiful, the schedule for the food is wheatgrass shots at 6.30 am, breakfast at 9 which is warm fermented oatmeal which is surprisingly raw I'll write the recipe sometime, then at 1pm there are 5 types of salads, fruit and juice are available in between then and 6pm when a different soup everyday is served.

I'm having seaweed baths every second night which are a real treat, I've not had them before so I'm like a big kid in the bath bursting the bubbles on the seaweed, its lovely like silk on the body, its meant to remineralize your body and my hair feels good from it. I had a blood analysis done here aswell, the guy gave the results there and then and they were all good, great actually :)

I've been having lots of green juices and not eating since I came on monday, yesterday I felt tired and stuffy, today I'm less tired and less stuffy but I could feel better- there is more to detox. Its so nice here, I got two lovely massages from a lovely lady called Ann & just as I type this another girl asked if I'd like a massage later ~It flows here~

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pics from Amsterdam

Pretty on the plane.. Try this on 4 size... Or this..
Our funky hotel roomShop that funk built
Sunny smileEllo ello

Pretty peeps

Cool kidz

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Raw in Amsterdam

We're just back from 10 days in Amsterdam.. I love that city a lot, its old architecture, abstract art, funky shops, relaxed laws, modern shops, hip people & the list goes on..I visited a few raw spots there, the first was Unlimited Health which has a yoga studio in the basement and a raw cafe/shop upstairs. The shop sells everything from blenders & juicers to cleanses & superfoods aswell as packaged dehydrated foods. The cafe serves juices and salads and a meal of the day which changes daily. I bought a neti-pot, a toungue scraper & a book there, I also did a kettlebell workout there which I enjoyed.
The other raw place was called Master Care, this place was more fun, the girls who work here are conscious & really friendly.. I returned here again and again for the superfood shakes and the smiles :) This place too is a raw cafe/shop, tho this one is joined to a gym. They sell crackers, snacks, chocolate bars & smoothie-shakes in the cafe.. In the shop there is lots of interesting things like radiation protection crystals, cosmetics, superfoods, equipment & detox/cleanse packages. I got Oxypowder there and a book called Superfoods..& loads of the superfood shakes~ I actually lived on them for a few days & jars of bee-pollen..
The health shops in Amsterdam are plentiful with an abundant selection of fruit and vegetables.Also in abundance were young coconuts, I got some in the Chinese market, more at other Asian shops and even more at a juice bar called Frood, Great place, I visited several times for coconut water blended with wheatgrass and spirulina, this combo tastes amazing and it settles like a pint of guiness.