Friday, October 14, 2011

Tasty Treats

This is the birthday cake from my friends birthday party last week. He got the recipe from an Allisa Cohen book, its a Black Forest Gatoux. It was really tasty, rich and moist like a BFG.

A guy who comes into the health shop I work in bought me in a huge bag of herbs he picked from his garden. There is rosemary, thyme, sage, chives, mint, and a cucumber & tomatoes. I was delighted with this gift, this man is so nice. Last week he gave me a basil plant. Here is a pic of some of the herbs I used in a soup, also in the soup was the meat of half a coconut, carrot juice, ginger, garlic, & tumeric.

And here are some juicing ingredients, I aim to have at least 2 litres of juice everyday.