Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raw Food Transformation

I am delighted to be working with and documenting the progress and transformation of my friend Martin O Regan. We began this new chapter on monday 26th sept 2011 and we're going to post weekly weights and measurements until Martin is where he wants to be. At the moment he is about 22 stone and his measurements are:

52'' waist
47'' hips
48'' chest
26'' upper leg
16'' upper arm

Here are the before pictures:

I am diet-coaching & personal-training Martin. His diet will consist of raw, organic, vegan nutrient dense foods, with an emphasis on juices and superfoods. Martin has also taken up exercise, which will be helped by the energy he'll have from his new diet.

''We are what we eat, our cells are made from the food we eat. To be a sweet, juicy and colorful person eat a diet that is sweet & rich in juice & color''

On the first week of Martin's new healthy lifestyle his measurements are as follows:

48'' waist
46'' hips
46.5 chest
25'' upper leg
16'' upper arm

Week 2 seen him shed even more inches:

47'' waist
46'' hip
46'' chest
24.5 upper leg
15'' upper arm

Week 3 and he has dropped 3 stone!!

47'' waist
46.5 chest
45'' hip
24.5 leg
15'' arm

3 down 7 to go!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Green Juice Day

Green Juice Day
(with a sprinkle of Bee Pollen :)

Ingredients- juice of black radishs, tumeric, apples, celery, corgette, cucumber & spinach. Then its blended up with vitamineral green powder + ormus greens + the inner gel from an aloe vera leaf + flax oil.

And its so nice that I am spoon feeding it to myself :)