Saturday, July 17, 2010

Galway Yay

I arrived in Galway yesterday.. Its nice to be home for a while, I'll stay for a week at least. I love being with my family, except our doggie died last week :( we had him for nearly 18 years! but in his last few days he barely even stand up so my mum took him to the vet to make it easier for him.. Mother took it worse then everyone else because she was closest to him, whilst everyone else moved out of the house she was always there with the doggie and vise versa.

There are lovely health shops in Galway, I like that they sell spiritual things and feel good stuff for the home and have very nice gifts ideas in there. I got that mirror on the left, the one like a sun.

Most of the shops in Galway are called Evergreen, there are about 5 of them spread around the city and county.. this one I was in today is in Maingard street in the city..

I love to visit them as they always have up to date stuff and the staff are usually friendly and helpful, I stayed in there for ages looking at books, picking angel cards & trying different creams :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Butterfly Botanics

This is my latest project, Butterfly Botanics. It is a raw, alive & organic skincare range that I'm working on.. I'm using edible ingredients, botanical oils & essential oils. Skin Food, with added medicinal properties of essential oils. The skin is our largest organ, it absorbs into the bloodstream most of what is applied topically to it. The creams & oils that we place on our skin should nourish and help it to regenerate. It makes sense to only put something on my skin that I would put inside my body.

The name of the range Butterfly Botanics has several meanings. What I'm keen to express to my customers is that a metamorphisis occurs as they change from unorganic, chemically active, heat-treated types of skin products to raw, cold-pressed & organic skin care products. The gradual process of cleansing chemicals from cosmetics and from the diet will lead to other healthier lifestyle choices which give rise to the metophorical metamorphosing Butterfly.. It's happening already, the skincare range is just my contribution to it.

They are Organic, Raw & Living meaning the oils and butters are cold pressed and are prepared at low temperatures to retain their nutritive values. The essential oils add the extra health benefits of aromatheraphy and medicinal properties for the body, mind & spirit. I'll use essential oils combined with oils and floral waters for the cleanser and toners and for a sleeping aid spray...The range will include, a cleanser, a toner, moisturizers, an eye cream, a hand cream & body butters... and they all have really cool names :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Soak 150 grams of wheat-grains overnight in water to cover them.
Place compost in the growing tray, I lined the bottom
with cling film to prevent the compost coming out the holes...

Next day drain the water from the wheat-grains, rinse them then leave them for another 2 days until they grow little tails, rinse on both days.. then spirinkle them on the prepared compost tray.

Keep them covered, in the dark, blocked from sunlight for 2 days as the germinate.. tho spray them with water on both days..

Then expose them on your counter top, first the grass will be white then it will turn yellow.

Continue to water it daily and watch it grow,
it will gradually become green

The grass is always greener when you grow it yourself ;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Taste of Dublin

I went to Dublin on saturday for the day and visited a few markets, I searched for an aloe-vera plant and some durian but didn't get either :(Oh well there's always raw chocolates and cake to make a girl feel better..

I had some juice at the farmers market in Temple Bar to keep me juicy on a warm summers day..
Orange, celery, apple, cucumber and ginger.. delisi..

I also took a trip to the organic food co-op, which is on every saturday from 10 to 4pm in Newmarket Sq.. I got some fruit & veg, and some superfoods there aswell.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fit n Healthy in Maynooth

After the lecture I was too tired to drive back home so I booked in to a hotel in Maynooth instead. It was nice and relaxing, I read some of the books I got at the lecture in a warm bath.. speaking of books I have to restrain myself from getting anymore for a while.. I buy them online, nearly everytime I'm in a bookshop or at an event or on a trip. I recently got some for the raw food course and some on aromatheraphy for my new Raw Organic Skincare line called 'Butterfly Botanics', which I'll write about in another post.

Saturday Moaning
Saturday morning I did a spinning class in the leisure centre, it was tough enough, the bikes were way newer then the ones in my gym which was great but it meant lots more gears, loads of sweat and moans but I loved it. Following that the we did some ab work with weights and yoga stretching.

After that I went to the village for a look at the two health shops. They were both very small even combined it would be small. But the chats with their owners were much bigger. The first one was the Energise Health Store where I had a nice chat with Paul who is the dad of the girl who owns the store. Then I called to 'Harmony Holistic Health' which is a small health food shop with a holistic centre up stairs with many nice treatments to choose from.

In the next post I'll write about my day in Dublin...

Brian Clement Lecture

This months meeting for the Raw Food Course was in the Maynooth college. We went to a lecture there by Brian Clement, a doctor who is the director of Hippocrates Health Institue in Florida where people go to cleanse & heal from diseases, mainly cancer. He spoke for 4 hours, I like how he sipped on a green juice- I so wanted it! Also at the event were The Servents of Love serving great food, books, equipment, superfoods and supplements
He rated the best foods to consume with 5 * 's, then 4 * 's & so on.

On his 5* list are wild edible weeds, wheatgrass, sprouts, algae, seaweed & ripe tropical fruit.
The 4* list, edible flowers, garden veg, green sprouts, ripe olives, succulent fruits & young coconut.
3* has saurkruat, nuts, farm veg, sprouted grains & seeds, vine grown fruit & dehydrated veg on it.
2* root veg, mushrooms, sprouted beans (mung, audiki), dehydrated grains (bread, cookies)
1* salad dressing, raw chestnuts and dehydrated nuts, seeds, legumes, root veg.

As I see it everything on the is vegan & a wholefood which is better then a lot of stuff being called food these days. Depending where somone is on their health journey will determine what food list they start to eat from.
He spoke of~

Optimum brain functioning requirements

1. Essential fats
2. Phospholipids
3. Amino acids
4. Glucose balance
5. Intelligence inducing nutrients

Home remedies
Aromatheraphy baths
Essential oils
Zone theraphy
Vision exercises

He also answered tonnes of questions about health & disease.
It was enjoyable evening & a good social & educational experience.