Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New You

My year is off to a great start, I'm on the 8th day of a Juice Feast. I started on 29th Dec at the phenomanal Hipprocrates Europe Retreat.

I'm going to stay on the Juice Feast for as long as I can as know how it can transform your life on many levels.
Physically - weight loss, bright eyes, glowing skin and more energy.
Mentally - Clear and peaceful mind, positive thoughts and expectations.
Emotionally - Because of the more positive functionings of the physical and mental, the emotions feel more balanced.
Spiritually - I feel like I am being extra authentic, which makes me more aligned to my spirititual self.

I'll be juicing lots of spinach, kale, cucumbers, celery, radish, carrots, bok choy, corgette, parsley, ginger, tumeric and lots of juicy fruits, and whatever else I can find. Oh and wheatgrass.

Other drinks and included are herbal teas, strained miso soup so no bits in it, so it'll be soup flavoured water really.

Superfoods blended in to the juices are spirulina, chlorella, acai powder, he sho wu, and I empty capsules of whatever is in the press into the juices too.

I also blend oils into the juices - flax oil, hemp oil, udo's oil, coconut oil etc

I'm not having any bee pollen on this feast as it might be hard to stop at a few spoons :P

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