Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Try BanTry

I went to Bantry for the bank holiday weekend and of course my first task well (pleasure actually) was to check out the local health food store and restaurant. I was pleasently surprized. I thought with Bantry being so far west of Cork that it may not have too much offer regarding fresh fruit and vegetables, but there was lots of fresh organic produce in Organico, the health food store. Most came from local farms, and I got an avocado there, it was one of the nicest I've had in a while, there was a good enough selection of everything else there aswell like organic cosmetics, herbs and honey's.

Then I met my friend in the cafe nextdoor & upstairs also called Organico. It had a nice friendly atmosphere, young people work there, the costumers were all ages. There are health books to read while your there and for sale and other things too for sale like essential oils, eco air freshener, cards and crystals and there are computers for internet access.

The food was fine, its has a typical vege menu, the salads were nice, I had the three salads that were raw and vegan with three types of dressing and that big creamy avocado from the shop. Yummers!

We went to a rather cool alternitive shop called Funky Skunk, they sell nice hand made items, clothes, health & plants books, hemp products, aloe vera plants, various toys, masks, frames and other fun stuff. I got an evening primrose and aloe plant and a funky top. The lady who worked there was lovely and has a huge knowledge of plants, she is giving my friend a Kombucha mushroom and another plant to bring to me .

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