Sunday, February 28, 2010


I did some raw-food catering for my local health food store last week as it was 'health week'. The store owner aranged for speakers to come to share their knowledge on their various fields of expertise. They included a Nutritionist, EFT Practicioner, Marathon Runner and author Karen Ward who wrote 'Change a Little, Change a Lot'. It was fun, there was raffles, good info & great food :)
I made the old reliable flax-crackers. 2 types, the sundried tomatoe & garlic ones for delishous they had a hint of red which nicely complemented the slight green of the spinach-pesto crackers. For them, I made dips from sunflower seeds, olive oil, garlic & lemon juice. 3 types- spinach & onion, sd-tomato and beetroot flavours, altho the beetroot was more for the color rather than flavour.
For sweet I did truffles made with Goji-berries, cacao-nibs, raisins, flax-seeds & coconut-oil, oh so nice they were but the raw-Goji-cheeze-cake stole the show. It awakened tastebuds I didn't even know I had. Everyone loved it, especailly when I explained that its sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten free and that its so good that you could even eat it for a healthy breakfast.

Wish I got more pics but I was kinda consumed with the whole event.

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