Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Health Shopping

Nicole & I went for a spin to Dungarvan the other day, quite spontainous it was, think the sun -shine helps. We stopped at a few health-food-stores there & on the way there. I love visiting health shops wherever I go, I usually find the people who own them or work there to be positive & open-minded & of course to know a thing or two about health.
The one we went to in Dungaran is called Blasta Wholefoods, Blasta is Irish for 'tasty' the owners are a nice english couple Rob & Ann Whinnett & are very proud of their store.

We had a quick look in this one too but the selection wasn't as good as the first.

On the way back to Cork we stopped in Middleton and yip we checked out the Health Store. There was an Indian guy in there who usually does the farmers markets doing samples of his sauces & spices in a warm lentil stew. Nicole was getting hungry so that filled her up for a while until we went for dinner in Douglas.

She had fun pretending she was drinking wine while she sipped on organic cherry juice that we got in a health shop, she definatly fooled a few people tho.

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