Monday, September 6, 2010

Electric Picnic

The girls & I are just back from a great time at the Electric Picnic. It was huge & really diverse, there was something to suit everyone. We were helping my friend with his healthy- food- stand at the farmers market section of the picnic.

There was a body & mind section that had everything from saunas to holistic treatments to firewalking, & a raw- chocolate- emporium.

The 'silent disco' gig was kinda ironic & great fun.. everyone got a set of head-phones coming in with a choice of 2 music stations on them, it was packed and ppl really let loose.

There was an green-energy area where there was permaculture workshops, mead making workshops.. we made tu-tu's from cut up strips of used clothes at a hippy clothes shop, Nicole charged her phone by peddeling the energy for it & we blended a smoothie with more pedal power.

There was a great electric-show where 2 guys are on pillars and playing with electricity by throwing it to & from each other, it was one of the highLights for me- they literally put the Electric in the Electric Picnic.

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