Friday, August 27, 2010

Raw Food Course

We had another installment of the raw food course today in Portlaoise. It was quiet today, many ppl weren't there, just 9 of us came. We all prepared a dish, I made a lasanga with nut-meat, seed-cheese & corgette as the pasta, it was delisous. And we gave a presentation about where we intend to go with our knowlegde as raw food teachers, I enjoyed the experience of talking in front of the class, I told them how I intend to give demo's in schools and teach kids of the benefits of raw/health foods. I am also going to hold raw party-nights at people's homes, they will start with food/juice /raw chocolate demos & continue with pampering with products from Butterfly Botanics my raw skin-care range.

The food today tasted very good, I was really impressed with a carageen cake made with carageen moss, coconut milk, lecithn, honey & lemon zest, it had a melt-in-the-mouth consistency and made with super ingredients.
Also very tasty was a thai coconut soup, which also has coconut milk in it, I'll post the recipes on a future post when I make them.

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