Monday, December 8, 2008

Raw Banquet

I'm oh so new to this.. to both raw foods and blogging, well I've been experimenting with eating and preparing raw foods on & off all year but this is mi first ever blog!!!
I am really exited and ready to go deeper into the whole raw food movement. I am encouraged by a 'raw christmas banquet' I attended over the weekend in Dublin, hosted by Natash Czopor
It was sensational in every sense of the senses! It was held in an empty shop furnished only with 3 long tables and several bails of hay (our seats) & hay on the floors. The food was served on large leafs, there was a platter of starters with things like herbed creamy cheese inside mandolin sliced beetroot and spicy flax bread squares with sprouted seed dip & a cherry tomatoe on top.
The main course was a spouted brazil nut, parsnip and spinach roularde with fresh rosemary marinated colorful root vegetables, cauliflour and nut mash, marinated portobello mushrooms, and chestnut mushroom polenta ragout gravy. Desert was another platter of delectable delights, like raw chocolates and banana & nut biscuits, mi favorite was made from processed walnut and dried apricot for the base with something creamy & sweet on it not sure what & topped with slices of plum and passionfruit seeds (caviar!).
A group of poets shared their talent between courses and the 'jazz type' band entertained some more, and guests voulenteered with more songs, stories and poetry, it was a wonderful and savourable night.

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