Monday, December 8, 2008

Rubina's New Raw World

I am oh so new to this, to both blogging and raw food, well I've been experimenting with eating raw food on & off since early this year '08 & it's mi first blog ever!!!

I live in Ireland where the climate is a bit cooler so eating raw food is definitly not common practice, not by a long shot. Although I was in Dublin (the capital city) over the weekend and attended a lovely 'raw christmas dinner banquet type thing' hosted by Natasha Czopor whom also has her own range of raw goodies in various health shops & deli's in Dublin. It was great, if not very different, it was held in an empty shop furnished with only 3 long tables, several large bails of hay (our seats), & hay all over the floors. We had fizzy water with lime pieces & mint leafs in-it was delish ans really thirst quenching! we were served the food on these huge leafs that were cut into big squares, most ate with their fingers but there was the option of a tiny wooden fork too! we ate beautiful tasty sprouted brazil nut, parsnip and spinach roularde, marinated mushrooms, cauliflour & nut mash, colorful dehydrated root veg, onion & mushroom gravy and much more. desert was some of her own tasty creations of raw chocolates, banana & nut biscuits and various other types of sweet tasters, mi favorite had a base made from dry then soaked apricots & walnuts processed together, with sweet creamy stuff on top ~ not exactly sure what, and topped of with sliced plums & passion fruit seeds (caviar!). There were good poets sharing their talents between courses and a jazz type band and a few voulentered with songs and poetry. It was unforgettable, enjoyable and savourable. I'll upload some pic's when I figure out how

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