Friday, December 26, 2008

Kissmas Day

Kissmas day was lovely, filled with love & laughter. I spent the day with family and friends, exchanging gifts, entertaining guests, tasting great food, watching movies, dancing, taking pictures, having fun, relaxing and really and enjoying the company.
Now in the house where I spent Christmas Day there aren't any vegetarians never mind vegans or raw food people. So before I left my house I had a huge breakfast of guacamole filled peppers. I took with me a lovely pie that I created the night before, I made the crust with almonds, dessicated coconut and dates, the filling (was so filling!) was walnuts, cranberries and agave blended until creamy and topped then with berries. I also made some little treats called 'snowballs' from cashews, dates, coconut oil and rolled in dessicated coconut. My intention was to fill up on all of this and eat as little cooked food as possible, and it worked a treat! and everybody loved them. I had some, homemade veg soup, roasted vegetables, ratatouille, brussels sprouts and my own stuff and I felt great about it, I didn't miss eating dairy products never mind meat. I have recently had some huge shifts around my eating habits, I already knew I wouldn't eat meat again, now I am at the stage where I don't want or miss dairy.
As my diet evolves through eating raw food I am finding myself in a more peaceful space where I enjoy being present and also look forward to tomorrow. My energy is high and my skin is silky. Am also loving the feeling of hemp clothing against my skin.

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