Monday, January 26, 2009

Brighton-ed Up Janurary

I've just returned from Brighton where I have had the most wonderful time. I stayed for 10 days. I did some Hot Yoga training which is a cool hobby of mine at the moment, its a practice I'm doing until I train as a Yoga Teacher. It involves going to different studio's around Europe for a week or two at a time for intense yoga practice. I get to know the teachers and how they teach, how the studio's are set up and other idea's and interesting stuff.

I searched out some great places to eat and shop, I actually didn't need to search to hard as Brighton's ''free thinking, eco friendly, bohemian hippy culture'' was evident on nearly every street. And a booklet called ''The Green Pages'' had it all layed out nicely for me too. I had lunch a few times at 'The Sanctuary' which was lovely but they're not too up on the whole raw thing, just yet. Same with 'Infinity' the restaurant (Infinity has a health food store on the same street), not much to offer in the raw department but were friendly, vegan and organic. So it's a good job that I Manna~fested a visit to a Raw Cafe called 'Manna'. It was delightful, I met the most wonderful people and ate really beautiful food and enjoyed a lecture by scientist David Ash about the interrelatedness of science and spirituality. Manna is a very important contribution to the planet right now and so much more than a raw cafe. The cuisine~was fit for this Queen, my favorites were nori wraps, sea salad, sprout salad, the raw pizza waz like normal pizza but tastier and the burger . The green juices were to Live for, I had one with kale and garlic it was so nice-soupy and nourishing, the rest were sweet as were the raw chocolate superfood cakes. I also experienced a raw apple pie and ice-cream sensations. I must say that 'Manna' was a true taste of Heaven.

I also did a workshop with Kate Wood who is a raw food coach. The class was advanced food preparation and cake-making . It was a fun way to spend a day. 'Guarana Bar' is a great little place to buy superfoods and herbs and enjoy a juice, acai smoothie or powershot of wheatgrass or something else nice. Brighton is where it's happening especailly for Super Sexy Successful Superbeing like me.

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