Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Raw Food Course

The Raw Food Instructor Course started last friday I'm happy to
say. Its on one friday a month until November, all held in Portlaois except the July one will be held in Maynooth and will be a lecture by Brian Clement who is a doctor who runs Hippocrates Health Centre in Florida. The rest of the course consists of reading ebooks and books, watching videos, listening to podcasts, online discussion with other students about litrature and the course, assignments, recipe preparation and review, which I'll serve here ;)

So its fairly full on, but good fun.. we had a potluck on the day.. which is when everyone brings their own dish to share.. but I ran out the door without my spirulina-flax-crackers, and I was so proud of them :( here's the recipe)
500g flax seeds soaked for 30min or so~
mix in a Tbls of spirilina, mix well
then add a finely chopped onion &
some sea salt, dehydrate overnight score them after 4hrs and turn after about 6hrs

Veronica the teacher made that tasty pizza, it was nicer than any real pizza I ever ate :)

Plate of Potluck

Closer look.. yummers..

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