Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alfa-alfa Sprouting & Uses

As part of the course we are to grow alfa-alfa. I usually have it on the go anyway but it was interesting to watch it more closely as it magically grows. I noticed that it grows quicker in this warmer weather.

To the left are the alfa-alfa seeds soaking in water,left overnight.
The next day I drained and rinsed them and left them on the kitchen counter with the lid slightly ajar. Watered and drained them again on the second and third day. By day three they started to sprout little white tails, then I transfered them to tier trays where I watered them once per day.

Where they continued to grow...

And grow..

It's nice in a salad, or sometimes I have a big bowl of it with grated carrot, lemon juice, pressed garlic and creamed avocado all mixed together. I've put it thru the juicer a few times too but only when there was too much and I needed to use it up. I put some into the girls smoothies too, altho they like it as it is. And I blend it into raw soups like this one~

With cucumber, carrot & lemon juice, blended with garlic, avocado, alfa-alfa & salt, yum.

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