Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring

...yesterday was the spring-equinox, when the amount of day-light & darkness were equal. So from now on there'll be longer day-light hours. The equinox is an auspiciously ideal time to make goals & set intentions as the fertile energy of spring will support them. So I was chuffed when an open-day for a Raw Food Instructor Course I want to do was on yestersay, I signed up for the course with the force of the equinox behind me:)

It was in the Hayden Hotel in Portlaois about 2.5hr drive, a fab day, Sabrina came with, I kinda dragged her but I went to a Chipmunk concert with her on friday night so I didn't feel bad . The event was mostly raw recipe demo's & some info about the course. It was nice to meet other like minds. The recipes included coconut-milk, coconut-cream, pickled onion, pickled cucumber, cashew mayo, pumpkin seed mayo, waldorf salad, nut burgers, lentil soup & choc-peppermint surprise for dessert, that was my favorite. Sabz loved the choc-mint cake too. I'm still juicing but I couldn't let that sweet yumminess pass me by.. I got some maca & pau d' arco bark there that I'll use for elixiers.

The cherry on top was a visit to the local play-ground for some fun, sun, fresh-air, stretching & play :) & to the health shop of course.. which didn't have a huge selection but it had a funny name at least 'the fruit & nut place':)

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