Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Retreat = Real-treat

I'm at retreat at the moment in Townley House in Louth, near Drogheda. It's a mansion where up to 50 people including staff are staying. It's a week of healing with raw and living food and juices, massage therapies including massage and reflexology, activities such as rebounding and training with a personal trainer and there's group healings.

The food is beautiful, the schedule for the food is wheatgrass shots at 6.30 am, breakfast at 9 which is warm fermented oatmeal which is surprisingly raw I'll write the recipe sometime, then at 1pm there are 5 types of salads, fruit and juice are available in between then and 6pm when a different soup everyday is served.

I'm having seaweed baths every second night which are a real treat, I've not had them before so I'm like a big kid in the bath bursting the bubbles on the seaweed, its lovely like silk on the body, its meant to remineralize your body and my hair feels good from it. I had a blood analysis done here aswell, the guy gave the results there and then and they were all good, great actually :)

I've been having lots of green juices and not eating since I came on monday, yesterday I felt tired and stuffy, today I'm less tired and less stuffy but I could feel better- there is more to detox. Its so nice here, I got two lovely massages from a lovely lady called Ann & just as I type this another girl asked if I'd like a massage later ~It flows here~

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