Thursday, August 12, 2010

Raw in Amsterdam

We're just back from 10 days in Amsterdam.. I love that city a lot, its old architecture, abstract art, funky shops, relaxed laws, modern shops, hip people & the list goes on..I visited a few raw spots there, the first was Unlimited Health which has a yoga studio in the basement and a raw cafe/shop upstairs. The shop sells everything from blenders & juicers to cleanses & superfoods aswell as packaged dehydrated foods. The cafe serves juices and salads and a meal of the day which changes daily. I bought a neti-pot, a toungue scraper & a book there, I also did a kettlebell workout there which I enjoyed.
The other raw place was called Master Care, this place was more fun, the girls who work here are conscious & really friendly.. I returned here again and again for the superfood shakes and the smiles :) This place too is a raw cafe/shop, tho this one is joined to a gym. They sell crackers, snacks, chocolate bars & smoothie-shakes in the cafe.. In the shop there is lots of interesting things like radiation protection crystals, cosmetics, superfoods, equipment & detox/cleanse packages. I got Oxypowder there and a book called Superfoods..& loads of the superfood shakes~ I actually lived on them for a few days & jars of bee-pollen..
The health shops in Amsterdam are plentiful with an abundant selection of fruit and vegetables.Also in abundance were young coconuts, I got some in the Chinese market, more at other Asian shops and even more at a juice bar called Frood, Great place, I visited several times for coconut water blended with wheatgrass and spirulina, this combo tastes amazing and it settles like a pint of guiness.

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