Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fit n Healthy in Maynooth

After the lecture I was too tired to drive back home so I booked in to a hotel in Maynooth instead. It was nice and relaxing, I read some of the books I got at the lecture in a warm bath.. speaking of books I have to restrain myself from getting anymore for a while.. I buy them online, nearly everytime I'm in a bookshop or at an event or on a trip. I recently got some for the raw food course and some on aromatheraphy for my new Raw Organic Skincare line called 'Butterfly Botanics', which I'll write about in another post.

Saturday Moaning
Saturday morning I did a spinning class in the leisure centre, it was tough enough, the bikes were way newer then the ones in my gym which was great but it meant lots more gears, loads of sweat and moans but I loved it. Following that the we did some ab work with weights and yoga stretching.

After that I went to the village for a look at the two health shops. They were both very small even combined it would be small. But the chats with their owners were much bigger. The first one was the Energise Health Store where I had a nice chat with Paul who is the dad of the girl who owns the store. Then I called to 'Harmony Holistic Health' which is a small health food shop with a holistic centre up stairs with many nice treatments to choose from.

In the next post I'll write about my day in Dublin...

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