Sunday, July 4, 2010

Brian Clement Lecture

This months meeting for the Raw Food Course was in the Maynooth college. We went to a lecture there by Brian Clement, a doctor who is the director of Hippocrates Health Institue in Florida where people go to cleanse & heal from diseases, mainly cancer. He spoke for 4 hours, I like how he sipped on a green juice- I so wanted it! Also at the event were The Servents of Love serving great food, books, equipment, superfoods and supplements
He rated the best foods to consume with 5 * 's, then 4 * 's & so on.

On his 5* list are wild edible weeds, wheatgrass, sprouts, algae, seaweed & ripe tropical fruit.
The 4* list, edible flowers, garden veg, green sprouts, ripe olives, succulent fruits & young coconut.
3* has saurkruat, nuts, farm veg, sprouted grains & seeds, vine grown fruit & dehydrated veg on it.
2* root veg, mushrooms, sprouted beans (mung, audiki), dehydrated grains (bread, cookies)
1* salad dressing, raw chestnuts and dehydrated nuts, seeds, legumes, root veg.

As I see it everything on the is vegan & a wholefood which is better then a lot of stuff being called food these days. Depending where somone is on their health journey will determine what food list they start to eat from.
He spoke of~

Optimum brain functioning requirements

1. Essential fats
2. Phospholipids
3. Amino acids
4. Glucose balance
5. Intelligence inducing nutrients

Home remedies
Aromatheraphy baths
Essential oils
Zone theraphy
Vision exercises

He also answered tonnes of questions about health & disease.
It was enjoyable evening & a good social & educational experience.

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