Thursday, July 8, 2010

Butterfly Botanics

This is my latest project, Butterfly Botanics. It is a raw, alive & organic skincare range that I'm working on.. I'm using edible ingredients, botanical oils & essential oils. Skin Food, with added medicinal properties of essential oils. The skin is our largest organ, it absorbs into the bloodstream most of what is applied topically to it. The creams & oils that we place on our skin should nourish and help it to regenerate. It makes sense to only put something on my skin that I would put inside my body.

The name of the range Butterfly Botanics has several meanings. What I'm keen to express to my customers is that a metamorphisis occurs as they change from unorganic, chemically active, heat-treated types of skin products to raw, cold-pressed & organic skin care products. The gradual process of cleansing chemicals from cosmetics and from the diet will lead to other healthier lifestyle choices which give rise to the metophorical metamorphosing Butterfly.. It's happening already, the skincare range is just my contribution to it.

They are Organic, Raw & Living meaning the oils and butters are cold pressed and are prepared at low temperatures to retain their nutritive values. The essential oils add the extra health benefits of aromatheraphy and medicinal properties for the body, mind & spirit. I'll use essential oils combined with oils and floral waters for the cleanser and toners and for a sleeping aid spray...The range will include, a cleanser, a toner, moisturizers, an eye cream, a hand cream & body butters... and they all have really cool names :)

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