Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green 4 Go

Random pic from ages ago, sea spagetti, red peppers, hemp seeds, onions & a dressing all tossed together, yummers I'd love it now but I'm still keeping it juicy, kinda. Yesterday, day 1 I didn't have any juice instead I drank around 6 litres of water thru out day, that was it. I drank that much to keep me full & I was thirsty from the spinning class I did in the morning but I think it was too much as I kept having to get up during the night to go to the toilet, interupting my beauty sleep. Speaking of which, I went for a nap for two hours during the day yesterday & went to bed early & slept deeply except for going to toilet x5. I felt achy all over aswell like I was healing or detoxing, bowel movements were v frequent aswell all day, so I feel that the water really shifted/healed something.

Today was relaxed, I wasn't as achy, I drank 1ltr of water, 1.5ltr juice made from celery, cucumber, fennel, lemon, ginger & apple, & 0.5ltr cherry juice with hemp oil, & some bee-pollen- I couldn't stop nibbling :)
Tomorrow I'll get more juicing ingredients- lots of greens for st. patricks day ;) I might even juice some shamrock..
It's after 12 so its Green to Go Happy St. Patricks Day xxxx

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