Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Clean

I am about to embark on a long juice cleanse. I have done a few 10 day ones already and from those juicy experiences I know how good it feels to give your digestive system a break. The benefits are really amazing. I'm going to go for 30 days on just juices, no superfoods like bee-pollen, spirulina & chlorella as I tend to over on eat them when I'm juicing & not eating any other solid food. Not only does it cost a bomb to live like that but my body isn't getting the rest it needs as the super-stuff is passing thru me & keeping my digestive system ticking over which defeats the purpose. So just juice for 30 days at least, ideally 60 or 90 days but I'll take one day at a time til I get there. I'll write about my adventure here, things like the complementary aids & practices I'll use, my intake, how I feel & sleep, & how my body changes. Starting tomorrow.
I cant wait to get juicy-er for summer.

I made the juice in the pic today, it has celery, cucumber, apple, lemon & sprouted sunflower seeds in it. Its the sunflower seeds that give it its creamy color which make me think that it is good for my skin, let me explain.
Mother nature has a clever way of letting us know what is good for us & what body part it will benefit by giving us visual clues in whats known as the Doctrine of Signitures.
A walnut for example is shaped like a brain, and omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts benefit the brain.
A tomatoe has 4 compartments/chambers inside it like our hearts have, its also about the same size & is the same color as the heart. Beetroot juice looks like blood & is a blood builder. A sliced raw carrot has the shape of an eye on it & everyone knows carrots are good for your eye-sight.
So I definiatly think I'm onto something with my skin-colored-juice :)

Now there's some food for thought ;)

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