Friday, March 5, 2010

Health Day

There was a 'health day'on yesterday at UCC in Cork so I went to sell & promote my raw food treats that I make. I made some of the cheeze-cakes I made the last day for 'health week' except these ones were a bit different, they had the same filling but for the crust I used raisins instead of dates & flaxseeds instead of nuts so it was a bit chewier, and they looked more like pies so I called them 'lemon & goji pies'. I told people they were like cheezecakes with no cheese. I sold them all so I was delighted. I also made flax-crackers & energy balls, yummers.

It was a good day the sun-shone all day. There were lots of people, and some were actually curious about health food & nutrition. But I was surprised to learn that many of the students there hadn't heard of the raw vegan diet at all, which makes me feel fortunate and grateful to be on to a good thing and to be able to guide and advise people with their diet.

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