Sunday, March 7, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Make sure to zest them and make some nice recipes too ;) And they also have many other uses. Adding the zest to desserts gives a subtle yet distinct flavour, another taste dimension.

I love lemon, its a refreshingly feel good fruit.
It's so adaptable, it is used in recipes and remedies like -

~ Salad dressings
~ Desserts
~ Fruit juices
~ Herbal tea's
~ Lemonade
~ Spritzer & toners
~ Flavoured water
~ Flu tonics
~ Beauty aids

Its the ultimate beauty aid~

Add a few drops to face-masks, it lightens freckles
It useful for oily skin & lessens acne
It helps to diminish wrinkles
Dab it neat on the face to tone & tighten the skin
Use it as a hair rinse for dandruff
It whitens teeth when used with baking soda & it freshens breath
Use it topically on toe nail fungus
It alkalises the blood which can with weight loss
Reduces water retention
And its used in many cleanses & flushes for health & beauty

Lemon Powder

I keep the organic lemon peels and dehydrate them until they are hard and crisp then I grind them up into a powder which I use in recipes and also as a natural shake-n-vac carpet freshener before hoovering.

And I make my lemon cheezecakes with lemon powder which gives them their lovely color and taste, yummers.

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