Thursday, March 11, 2010

Roll Them Balls

I created these tasty chewy balls sometime last year. They're a real treat, raw, organic and healthy. The original recipe called 'cacao-coconut balls' has both them ingredients mixed into a base of ground flaxseed & raisins, then roll them in coconut flakes. I've since varied the recipe to make 'lemon-coconut balls', by adding lemon zest & lemon powder to the base & also rolling the balls in the lemon powder. These are the bomb, they actually look & taste like lemon bon-bons.

Another variation are 'goji berry balls', with goji's mixed into the base & then roll the balls around in goji powder, which is made from ground up goji-berries. Go on roll your balls, you know you want to, its quick and easy and fun, enjoy.

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