Sunday, June 20, 2010

Charity Cycle

I'm very proud of myself right now.. I cycled 200 km in two days, from Cork to Galway. It was for the Chernobyl children who were genetically marked by the disaster that happened over there in 1986. The money raised is going to build a new care unit for them because at the moment they are in a mental hospital where they don't belong.. in their new abode they'll recieve occupational theraphy, woodwork classes, different kinds exercise and have many more advantages.

The cycle left from Cork City on friday @ 10.30am and got to Limerick @ 5pm, there were pit-stops in Mallow & Charlevlle to re-group, rehydrate, rest, recover and relax (on the massage table). We stayed in St Mary College in Limerick, where school teachers train to become teachers, (pic above right). Then we went to a bar for dinner, I was happy and surprised with the salad and bowl of vegies I got, it had everything from asparagus to fennel in it..

Then yesterday morning before we set off to Galway @ 10 am, I took a trip to the local health-food store to get some energy snacks for brekkie and some coconut water for hydration. There was lots of food provided for the cyclists but none of it was healthy except the fruit. I also went to a Chinese shop and got some lychees, I didn't have them before they were juicy, fleshy & sweet.

Then we got to Ennis then Gort then Galway @ 5pm. We had a bbq in the Ardilaun Hotel.. I went up later for a mingle & some dancing.

I loved the cycle for many reasons~ I cycled with lots of cool people and made many friends, I loved the challenge, the fun, the fitness, the fresh-air, the cause and so much more.. it defo was a win-win-win-win situation, I'm gonna do it next year for sure :)

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