Thursday, June 10, 2010

Colors of Summer

The start of summer is here me thinks.. well judging by the abundance of color around the Mahon Point farmers market today.. only it's a pity the big yellow sun didn't show up.. as it got a bit chilly, funny that word is almost the same as chilli, probably the hottest herb on earth.. I love playing with words and an example of this was this morning at the market a girl said to me, kinda dispairingly ''I don't know what kind of summer were going to get'' and I said ''be happy whatever happens'' thats why those words 'happy' & 'happens' are so similar.. so it was smiles all round then :)

My friend Pat who has a stand there asked me to run it for him on
saturday so that should be fun, I'll have Nicole with me. He sells wheatgrass/juice and lots of different kinds of sprouts, his website is here. If I get time tomorrow eve I'll make some raw foods to sell there too and I'll pop the recipies up here.. so stay juicy, keep a colorful out-look, be happy whatever happens oh and eat more fruit..

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