Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Rainbow

Summer is a great time to eat raw foods. As its easy to eat a rainbow of fresh fruit and vegetables. Here is the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables I'm having a today and lots of juice's and cold soups these days too. This slaw is made with grated carrot, grated cucumber, grated onion, cherry tomatoe halves, broken walnuts and tossed around in olive oil, lemon juice & salt and a splash of apple cider vinegar. It's simple to put together.. just grate everything with the food processor, its best to half the cherry tomatoes by hand and throw them in at the end along with the broken walnut pieces, and garnish with some corriander. Mine isn't quite finished in the pic. You can make saurkraut like this too but omit the walnuts & oils.

This soup is divine on a warm day.. it has celery juice, carrot juice and tomatoes and an avacado blended up with garlic and corriander, and its sprinkled with nori flakes. And there are endless variations to try...

Orange Powder

Keeping with the colorful theme of this post here is a lil tip not to waste; not to waste your orange peels that is! Put them into the dehydrator for 24-36 hours or until they are hard and they 'crack' in half, then put the broken halves into the vitamix and ground them into a powder. You can add a spoonful of it to raw cakes, pies, biscuits and such. It give another dimension of taste, subtle but sweet.

This first

Then this

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