Monday, June 14, 2010

Healthy Days

I was in Portlaois on friday for another installment of the raw food course which was good fun as usual. We all created a dish and practiced our knife skills doing so.. We partnered up and gave each other a case studies to explore and to advise on. There was 16 of us there, some that I hadn't met before. We had another Potluck, this one was even tastier than the last one because we prepared the food fresh... and we prepared some treats to take from home too, I made gogi & orange fudge -balls, spirulina fudge-balls and coconut & cacao nib fudge-balls, and spirulina & onion flax crackers, which all went down a treat.. gosh there was so much food there.. and I forgot the memory card for my camera, so no pics :( but I expect someone else will post some and then I'll post them here..

My healthy weekend continued on saturday as Sabrina & I took care of my friends stand at the farmers market in Cork.. we were there at 8am juicing wheatgrass and packaging sprouts .. that's Sabz on the left, she loved it.

This is for the girls on the raw food course who loved the fudge balls~

The three base ingredients~

2 cups of ground flax seeds
2 cups raisins
1 cup of coconut flakes

Process, in food processor for about 8 minutes
Until it starts to clump together..

Then add the goji's/orange powder/spirulina/cacao nibs/
cacao powder/bee pollen/whatever you fancy

And process for another 3 min
Add the pinch of salt here too..

Roll them by hand
And roll around in whatever takes your fancy
I rolled these ones in coconut flakes, spirulina & orange powder

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