Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Smugy Fudgy Summer Tartlets

Here are some cute little tartlets I made today inspired by the raw food course I'm doing... the bottom layer is made from... honey, coconut flakes, orange juice and orange powder, oh and a pinch of salt... the next layer is made from brazil nuts, honey, coconut oil & strawberry juice & another lil pinch of salt. Then sprinkled on top are some coconut flakes, zested & dried orange rind and sliced-still-together strawberry halves...

The process was easy... for the food-processor.! I put in both layers ingredients seperately, the bottom first- processed for a few minutes the pressed it into the bottom of a small heart shaped tart tin. I did the same with the ingredients for the next layer, and then I decorated the top...

I got my neighbour & the local health shop owner to try them..
here were the comments on~

Taste~ sublime & delish.
Texture~ Soft & firm.
Presentation~ very impressive, cheerful & funny.

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